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Join the Smart Kitchen Revolution

Fund or Deploy Kitchens

Offering cloud kitchens as a digitized product

Kitchen Owner

  • Access to curated brand network

  • Unlock unit economies

  • Hassle free operations with Hyprful Kitchen OS

  • Single point supply chain

  • Revenue sharing model

  • Hyperlocal marketing

Brand Owner

  • Access to vetted kitchen owner network

  • Unlock scalability with zero capex

  • Hassle free brand expansion with Hyprful growth platform

  • Single point quality control

  • Revenue sharing model 

  • Brand Marketing

What We Do

We are the nucleus of food supply chain

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F&B Networking

We are the cross road for emerging food brands and aspiring kitchen owners

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Centralizing Supply Chain

Our supply chain ensures quality, delivery and price transparency. Unlock your economies of scale with us

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Integrated Kitchen OS

With our AI enabled systems, manage your business remotely. Predict, Prepare, Receive, Process and analyze all on your finger tips 

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Targeted Marketing

BTL or Digital, our tools optimize your campaigns for maximum RoI

How We Work

We are present across the supply chain

  • We constantly scout opportunities for kitchen owners and brand owners
  • We procure and distribute raw materials and have made this process super simple with our system
  • We predict demand and suggest strategies to run kitchens better
  • We push your brand and kitchen with our unique marketing campaigns
  • We enable quality with transparency and audit protocols


Our Growth Is Sky -Rocketing

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What sets us apart

We are a full-stack, hyperlocal, centric growth platform, empowering both kitchen owners and brands to collaboratively build a powerful F&B ecosystem

For kitchen Owners

Multi brand kitchens and access to curated brand network to build and manage lucrative kitchens across India

For brand owners

Tap into our vetted kitchen owner network to successfully franchise your brand for growth

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