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About Us

We are the world’s leading managed cloud kitchen platform. Founded in January 2018, we partner with 120+ restaurants to help them expand their delivery reach. 


We do this by giving them access to our state-of-the-art kitchens (located all around our cities), expertly trained staff and industry focused technology. 
Once a brand is onboard, we cater to the entire customer experience journey - from the sourcing of ingredients and cooking with care to packaging and safe delivery,… we even take care of the entire customer experience, making sure customers are always happy. 


This allows restaurants owners to focus on running their dine-in space, marketing and menu development.


In March 2020, we launched our groceries vertical called - a one-stop-shop for essentials and other food items, we deliver anywhere in Dubai, in 60 minutes or less.

Serving the Best

What makes our platform so unique? We’ve developed an in-house suite of applications, known as Smart Kitchen Operating System, or as we like to call it “SKOS”. This custom built technology optimizes all aspects of kitchen operations in real time to maximize efficiency and increase utilization.

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